Tea Service Discover the finest teas

As an alternative to our full afternoon tea we offer a very special tea service, dedicated to showcasing the finest teas and infusions, from English Breakfast to rare and more exotic varieties.

  • We are proud to have partnered with a respected tea company, which means that we can offer a number of exclusive ranges which can’t be tasted anywhere else.

    Discerning tea drinkers know that tea-making is a fine art: from the choice of vessel to the correct ratio of tea and the temperature of the water. Mona is well versed in the ceremony of tea-making and serves a selection of premium leaf teas, infusions and flowering varieties in clear glass tea pots, steeped to your preferred strength.

  • Glass teapots are an essential part of the ritual; flowering teas expand and steep so that the full impact of their visual appeal becomes part of the experience; for leaf teas, where strength is associated with colour, glass teapots showcase the tea as it steeps so that it is served at the optimum point.

    To accompany our high quality teas and infusions, Mona offers a refined and mouthwatering selection of dainty sandwiches and savouries, delicate macarons, chocolates and exotic sweets from around the world, carefully selected to complement your tea perfectly.

For all enquiries about our tea service, fruit carving or our afternoon tea, please complete our contact form or call us on 07481 843856.

“Tea, and the ritual of making it, is an institution in many cultures. There are so many subtleties to tea and – whether you’re a tea connoisseur or a curious enthusiast – the variety and quality of the tea we have to offer is incredible and in some cases exclusive.”

  • Wedding

    Provide the ultimate in refreshment to your wedding guests, with our exclusive selection of quality teas and infusions.

  • Corporate events

    Elevate your event and provide an invigorating talking point with our prestigious tea service.

  • Private parties

    Enhance your celebration with a selection of beautifully-made premium teas and dainty culinary delights to accompany.