Fruit Carving Intricate & Beautiful

Having trained and worked alongside her mother, a celebrated international executive chef in San Jose, California, Mona has spent many years perfecting the art of carving fruit and vegetables

Her elaborately sculpted creations are simply exquisite and form a stunning and delicious centerpiece on fruit tables at weddings, corporate events and private parties.

With the rising trend for dessert tables, Mona’s sumptuous fruit displays are a beautiful way to provide guests with a healthy and refreshing feast for the senses. Carved watermelons, mangoes and papayas; split pineapples, edible flowers and sliced starfruit; halved figs, chocolate-dipped cherries and gem-like scattered pomegranate seeds – there is no limit to what Mona can incorporate into your fruit table.

For all enquiries about fruit carving, afternoon tea or our tea service, please complete our contact form or call us on 07481 843856.

“It’s a very organic process. I never plan for it, I just feel it. I just use my knife and say: “OK, let’s go”.

  • Weddings

    A vibrant fruit table is a lovely way to decorate your wedding venue whilst also offering your guests light and delicious refreshment.

  • Corporate events

    Hosting a business event or meeting? Daytime or evening, elevate the occasion with a spectacular fresh fruit table with carved fruit centrepiece.

  • Private parties

    Showcasing Mona’s honed carving skills, your guests will enjoy a creative and appetising fruit table display, whatever the celebration.